Ancillary Products

Hospital Indemnity
Hospital Insurance is a type of insurance that pays a fixed amount for each day that you are in the hospital. These plans can be packaged so that they will offset your health insurance daily copayment for each day you are in the hospital.

Cancer Plans
Cancer Insurance typically provides a lump sum benefit up to an amount you choose, payable upon first diagnosis. Cancer Insurance is simple, it is affordable, and it can help you deal with cancer-related expenses

Critical Illness
People are living longer today. Although survival rates are on the rise, a debilitating illness and the cost associated with loss of income can lead to medical bankruptcy. Critical illness insurance is medical insurance that pays a lump sum benefit upon diagnosis of a critical illness. A financial hardship can be experienced because of the expenses your traditional health insurance does not cover. Determine if you need critical insurance by learning what illnesses it covers.

Heart Attack Plans
You cannot predict if or when a heart attack will occur. Treating a heart attack or coronary disease requires paying out-of-pocket expenses not paid by your traditional health insurance which can be staggering. But, you can reduce the risk of financial hardship by enrolling in a heart attack insurance plan

Accident Insurance
Accident Insurance is a form insurance of insurance policy which offers a payout when people experience injury or death due to an accident. Accident Insurance can be a good idea for people who lack health care coverage by being able to access medical coverage after an accident.